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3ways_new-Recovered21. REGISTER

Registering is the first step. When you do,  you are connected to all the latest information on Celebrate America DC.

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a. Invite Your Pastor/ Church

Here are some main talking points you could use when speaking with your pastor:

  •  Celebrate America DC is a multi-denominational movement happening July 4th –July 10th, 2017 in Washington, DC. During this event, we will boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will observe the importance of the United States Constitution.
  • We are believing God to visit the spiritual and political leaders of this country.
  • Daily we will mobilize people to preach the Gospel during the daytime. At night we will have revival meetings starting at 7 PM.
  • I would like to make announcements during our Sunday morning services leading up to Celebrate America. I also would like to play a short Celebrate America DC promo clip.
  • I would like to have Celebrate America information in our weekly church bulletin.
  • I would like to distribute flyers and posters for the event

b. Mobilize Your Realm of Influence Let your voice be heard! Invite all of your friends, family, coworkers to Celebrate America. DOWNLOAD OUR PROMO PACK. Share with them the three easy steps to join the movement:

1.) Register
2.) Share
3.) Get there

c. Social Media

    • Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Share our Celebrate America flyer and share our promo clip on all of your social media.

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d. Contact your elected officials

Would you like to see your elected officials at Celebrate America? Every member of Congress was sent a letter of invitation to attend Celebrate America, but not every member has confirmed that they will attend. Make sure that your elected officials know that you would like to see them at Celebrate America! Every email and phone call that the Congressional offices receive is important! Make sure that your voice is heard. To contact your elected officials, find their names on the list below. You can either call them at the phone number provided or email them by clicking the link provided. You will have to verify that you live in the member’s district by providing your zip code +4. (If you do not know your 9-digit zip, you can find it by clicking here.) Fill out the basic information and then type a message to your Representative and Senators. We have provided a sample message (click here), but feel free to personalize the message. If the website requires a message topic, please fill out Other or General.

  Find Your Representative  Find Your Senators  Download Sample Letter

e. Pray

Please, begin praying now for America and for Celebrate America DC. Expect results because God hears the prayers of the righteous.

please, pray:

  • For a Great Spiritual Awakening in America
  • For a release of funding for the end-time harvest of souls
  • For a great harvest of souls to come in
  • That the enemy be set back decades and that God grants us one more hour of daylight to bring in the harvest
  • For God to visit the spiritual and political leaders of this land — may their hearts be changed toward God Almighty
  • For boldness and utterance in the Holy Ghost to be upon all leaders to proclaim Truth
  • That Celebrate America DC accomplishes all that the Lord has called it to do


  • Organize a bus or van to come to Celebrate America. Also, you can carpool with friends.
  • For available hotels, hostels, campgrounds in the DC area click here.
  • Transportation in DC click here.
  • Restaurants in DC click here.